Delivery of components

For the purposes of the implementation of photovoltaic systems, and in the preparation of the design documentation it is necessary to select and include components, equipment, elements and materials.

As a serious supplier with over 15 years of external trade andopium and supportedbythe leading manufacturers in the industry, we will select foryou, and offer you options for choosing components for your solar park or photovoltaic system.

Basically, the photovoltaic ystem consists of photovoltaic panels, photovoltaic system inverters, photovoltaic system construction, photovoltaicsystem cables, electrical equipment for binding and connection, etc.

Despite the exceptional dynamics of the market, we manage to provide our customers with the best offers, we will always advise you on a solution, at the best price at the moment, and the best accompanying trade conditions!

The wide variety of manufacturers and brands in Solar Panels makes the right choice extremely challenging for investors. We have accepted and mainly rely on proven producers with experience and volumes that ensure the appropriateness of choosing their products.

Tier 1 manufacturers are one of the starting points in our choice, as well as we always recommend to our customers A class of solutions. However, in a detailed examination of the qualities of other manufacturers, we have found other good solutions and balance price versus quality. However, we always offer photovoltaic panels MONO PERC technology and take into account all other specific technical indicators that affect their long-time and efficient operation.

For the mass investor, which is usually influenced by the brand, power and price of 1Wp, it is notclear which exactly qualities and technical parameters of the solar panel imply efficiency, smooth operation and minimal energy losses.

As an official importer of solar panels directly from the factories and warehouses of the manufacturers with which we have traditionally good partnerships. Given the time of production and transport, for small projects, we provide solar panels, as we are one of the few companies that maintain stocks and have some of the highest quality, affordable and popular solar panels constantly in stock.

Topsolar has partners and we also supply the latest and some non-widespread solutions such as Bifacial photovoltaic panels, flexible solar panels, etc.

Upon delivery, and in connection with the warranty of photovoltaic panels, we comply with all conditions and instructions of manufacturers for logistics and storage in order to preventmicrocracks and prerequisites for problematic operation and poor efficiency.

In addition to the brands described in the Products section – LONGI, RISEN, JINKO SOLAR, HANWHA Q CELLS, CANADIAN SOLAR, etc., we can deliver all other brandsaccording to the needs of the project and the investor’s desire.

TOPSOLAR is a direct official importer of solar panels and you can count on receiving from us the best offers and favorable terms.

With the global growth in the realization of solar parks, the dynamics of the market, as well as the specifics of working with some of the manufacturers and deliveries from a long distance, under constantly changing conditions given the crown crisis, the terms and price for delivery is constantly changing, and a correct and final offer should be expected only at the activist time of order.

All tenders without a period of validity, including not only from traders, but also by installers in an engineering approach, must be considered indicative, and with the possibility of changing to the actual time of the order, which is correct according to the implementation of the project documentation and the actual realization of the project.

The inverters for photovoltaic systems we offer are from the leading European and global manufacturers, defining them as the main and important part, and as the “brain” of the system, we have selected manufacturers and solutions that can guarantee smooth, long-running and efficient operation.

The choice of the inverter for the photovoltaic system has particular added value to the performance and effectiveness of the project, with a direct relation to the losses of the system.

We offer solutions that, in addition to excellent technical data, have clear and definite productions for servicesolutions. As an official representative, importer and partner of the manufacturers of photovoltaicsystemsinverters, we constantly train our teams, and in the service of our partners, in our TOPSOLAR Academy, we conduct constant training programs and courses.

Traditionally, our good relationships with established global manufacturers SMA, Delta Electronics, Fronius, KACO, HUAWEI and newer ones like SUNGROW and GoodWe suggest that we meet every need and offer the best to our customers.

In addition to a provider of inverters for solar systems, we offer all options for systems monitoring solutions, as well as cables, and the necessary electrical equipment for connecting and joining a photovoltaic system, as well as retrofitting and construction of distribution boards, transformers and substations to solar parks and photovoltaic systems.

The design for the photovoltaic system is important to meet the needs of the project and covers the specific requirements of the place/terrain, the type of roof and its coating and the recommendations of the Solar Audit and The Technical and Economic Analysis.

The fact that any design of a photovoltaic system must be first and for all resistant to external atmospheric influences, which is a mandatory condition, should not lead to an underestimation of the debt requirement, given the life of the solar installation.

It should be assumed that even with the replacement of solar panels towards the end of their efficiency (after the 20th and about 25 years), as well as the phased replacement ofthe inverters, which is supposed to happen earlier, with a good choice and a solution for the construction of a photovoltaicsystem, this can be done relatively easily and with less input.

Galvanized is the minimum standard for most installations, and for many roofing solutions of ino hpandaluminum are used.

As with other components of solar installations, and in constructions, we apply the world-leading experience and work with established manufacturers such as K2 Systems, Schletter, AEROCOMPACT, etc.

In the case of flat roofs with membranes, where ballast/aggravation solutions are applied, a solution is needed precisely by a manufacturer with experience, and our developments in these cases are for the specific project and according to the customer’s source data and is made by the manufacturer’s engineering team, usually in their office in Germany, Austria, etc.

Us at TOPSOLAR can provide you with the best solutions for your project!