Investment consulting and market representation

  1. 1. Investment consulting and market representation :

TOPSOLAR company has experience, opportunities for realization and contacts of investors of various classes, as well as represents opportunities for investments in the field of renewable energy sources.

Through the consulting service, we offer assistance, and we will offer you the best projects and under the best conditions.

We have significant experience in the realization of terrains with potential for development of investment projects – photovoltaic parks and power plants 250kWp, 500kWp, 1MWp, 2MWp, 3MWp, 5MWp, 10MWp, 20MWp, and larger capacities .

Raise capital, structure a partnership, and find the most optimal and cost-effective project for you with our competent help.

Whether you are an investor or have a project for implementation, with our help the success will be closer!

As needed, and after the initial study, we can do legal analysis, detailed economic and financial analysis, and will assist you with representation in acquisitions and investment sales.

Our know-how and approach create greater opportunity and add value to your project!

2. Pre-investment studies:

Whether to invest in the sector, and to assess the merits of a particular project, or to attract capital / funding, it is necessary to take preliminary action, in the form of pre-investment studies.

The feasibility study of the project, made according to world standards and our know-how, will add value to your project, including Feasibility Study of a photovoltaic system, and all other necessary sections of a pre-investment study.

The specifics of the external connection to the national electricity transmission network – the energy distribution companies and the Energy Electricity Operator, of projects in the RES sector, and in particular of photovoltaic parks and systems, determine the need for careful specific approach to research and planning processes and indicators.

The terms and value of an external relationship are very different, specific, and are influenced by many and varied factors.

The specifics of the terrain, and some decisions arising from the actual situation, affect exclusively on the one hand the amount of investment and on the other hand the income from the sale of generated energy and hence the profitability.

The dynamics in this relatively new industry and the constant innovations in all segments of the RES sector are constantly changing the priorities and expediency of certain solutions.

The entry of some investments made years ago in the second phase of their operational cycle, show the qualities and guidelines for the development of future projects.

Estimated income, and return on investment, is also an essential part of our development, and the real feasibility of the investment is proven by our development.

There is a significant difference in the different approaches on the revenue side, as well as a clear specificity of the capabilities of each individual project.

Our experience with financial institutions and European funds will help provide the most complete picture of the opportunities and the expected result.

The feasibility study of the photovoltaic system is an important part of the pre-investment studies , and in itself includes sections such as: Location and needs assessment, Solar audit and yield assessment, site assessment, external connection, construction indicators, commissioning , revenues from the sale of electricity and other revenues, maintenance, management, etc.

The assessment of the location, as well as the needs determine whether the photovoltaic system is for own consumption, own consumption and sale or only for sale. The maximum capacity for installed capacity and the appropriate limit of the installation are assessed.

The solar audit and the simulations we perform with specialized software ( PVsyst , PVGIS , etc. ) are for the specific location, and using satellite data and reference meteor norms from the most representative sources, we examine the performance in different scenarios.

We take into account the exposure and the slope according to whether we are looking for maximum production or cover a certain specific load profile. We recommend whether the exposure is south, southeast, or east / west.

We study the shading and the differences in the seasonal radiation in relation to the position of the sun , simulating models at different inclinations of 10-12, 25-28 , 30 and 45 degrees, and assess the expediency of building systems with variable angle.

For certain regions and locations we must pay attention even to the night snow.

Naturally, the peculiarities of the terrain or area for the location of the system limit the free planning, and our experience presupposes the fastest and at the same time the most accurate method to reach the most probable appropriate solution, which is clear and indisputable.

We inspect the soil and its structure when the photovoltaic system is located on a building – the roof and its covering and waterproofing, and we recommend a structure that best covers the possibilities for maximum yield compared to the task, as well as to be maximally protected from the weather throughout service life of the system.

The relation to the energy ring and the connection to the electricity transmission network are considered in relation to the specific location, as a technical solution, terms and means.

Certainly, the estimates of the external link can be accurate within the limits of statistical error only when there is a duly issued Accession Opinion, and yet our forecasts are very accurate given the specifics of the process.

Our recommendations for the choice of components will be tailored not so much to specific brands, but to the qualities and warranty for warranty and post-warranty service.

Here it is important to note that our recommendations will follow the latest trends in the implementation of large investment projects, and will follow the good practice of established investors in the industry, and we will consider the risks on the project from a discussion decision.

Many investors impose their choice on designers, and by making decisions for which they have the right to bear the risk, but do not have the necessary competence, they endanger not only the current income from the project, but also its possible future profitable realization.

This confidence, and the taking of only price decisions, or on grounds that do not expertly take into account the appropriateness of the applied decisions, certainly lead to a negative result, even when this is not realized.

Our estimated budgets for implementation will cover not only the class and qualities of the equipment used – panels, inverters, construction, cables, etc., but also the dynamics of their prices, the cost of transport and other indicators, such as the value of construction, which especially in recent times are extremely relevant.

All our recommendations are based on our experience, and refracted through the pursuit of photovoltaic systems to live productively, their potential over time, and minimize the risks of surprises such as lower performance, frequent system defects, and more short service life.

This whole process must be organized, according to the mandatory stages and regulatory requirements, which is also unclear to many investors, as well as purely operational in the implementation process omissions and errors are allowed.

We will systematize the stages and give you clarity about the necessary administrative actions and the deadlines for their implementation.

Another not well clarified point is the estimated revenues from the sale of electricity, or the economic effect of the use for own needs. This is extremely important for investors, whose main goal is to meet their own needs, and in which to determine the appropriate level of installed capacity, the consumption profile is studied against the production profile of the photovoltaic system, weekends are taken into account, etc. .

For many investors, the options for selling the generated energy, the price levels, the term of the purchase agreements, the values for transmission and balancing, etc., which affect the final result, are not clear. This aspect is extremely important in the Pre-investment study and the Feasibility study of the photovoltaic system.

We will give you the most accurate idea of the principles and values of the market.

Asset maintenance and management costs are an important part of the budget, and we will analyze this aspect of the project as well.

With feasibility this study and Feasibility Analysis of TOPSOLAR made by all world standards will not only get maximum clarity about the quality of the project, but it will also help you optimize your negotiations with partners, financial institutions and investors.

In order for your dreams, ideas and expectations to meet reality, we are ready to help you!