Our mission

Inspired by the Green Deal, we saw a chance to contribute and make our planet and our future “sunnier”.


Contributing to improving the quality of life of people now and for future generations, we have set goals that we believe we will achieve because we are infinitely motivated and committed to our vocation!

We feel chosen to realize our projects, and we work in a field that makes us happy and satisfied with the trace we will invariably leave, affirming the world standards in the industry, in the region and on the territory of our sunny Bulgaria.

Whether we are implementing a solar park, a photovoltaic system for business or we will supply a citizen with a domestic photovoltaic system or a photovoltaic hot water system, it is a vocation for us, and an equal challenge and pleasure to be useful.

Professionalism and expertise, as well as a predictable and correct partner, are the main principles and qualities that distinguish us and with which we do not compromise!

Our main partners

Photovoltaic systems for business self-consumption, household photovoltaic systems, photovoltaic hot water systems, solar parks and car charging stations are part of our destinations, but with the support of our main partner the sun, with which we go on the campaign for green and sunny future!

As a company that has always partnered with the world’s leading manufacturers, and given the “young” solar industry, we accept the challenge of being a pioneer and deliver the latest and established solutions and global know-how to all citizens and to the most the small and remote household user and we install for his specific needs a household photovoltaic system.

The implementation of the objectives of the Green Deal and the implementation of the European Green Pact require a lot of funds, and they are provided in the form of three areas – grants for the regions, the Invest EU program and districts and municipalities.

Our Principles

The efficient use of natural resources, energy efficiency and air quality are our priorities, which through innovation, high-tech solutions and a professional approach we will implement consistently and with dedication in our business.

We support the efforts for green growth of national and local, state, municipal and private structures, and we strive for part of our knowledge and enthusiasm, through our services to reach every individual citizen.

The complexity of our activity, as well as the possibilities for specific individual interventions according to the needs of the project or the specifics of the investor, is precisely in order to best meet the needs of the processes for implementation of projects in the field of RES, “To our partners.

The principles of good and quality performance are an area in which we do not compromise, and a personal approach and with attention in detail we upgrade our “green” path every day – a path we walk together.

Topsolar supports all supporters, supporters, advocates and participants in the processes of realization of the ideas, principles and goals of the Green Deal, and we believe that with small steps, and with the contribution of each of us, we will achieve our green future, which is not only for us, but also for all the inhabitants and future citizens of the world – our planet Earth!

company TOPSOLAR

The green deal and its main goal, a climate-neutral Europe by 2050, will go beyond environmental and climate issues and change people’s lives, covering many areas in the socio-economic sphere.

It is this readjustment of the economy and way of life for the benefit of the citizens that is the main driving force and our goal.

The green deal, and the implementation of the European Green Pact, require the greatest efforts in the energy sector due to its extremely high share of greenhouse gas emissions. Solutions will be sought in other industries such as transport, agriculture, etc., which are also among the leading polluters.

Achieving the objectives of the European Green Pact will require a lot of innovation, new approaches and solutions, as well as significant resources.

The main part of the potential for development in the RES sector, with the greatest potential and our priority, is the production of electricity through photovoltaic systems. Unlike other basic technologies – wind farms, hydropower and biomass, solar energy is seen as an opportunity for the most cost-effective, most massive and at the same time predictable and inexhaustible resource.

European Promotion Programs

To help investors, with our engineering and solutions, we will help to rationally and maximally profitably invest these and other funds that will be invested in photovoltaic systems.

About 40% of energy consumption is due to buildings, and in order to reduce this share and help people reduce their bills, in addition to renovation, it is necessary to emphasize the possibility of local electricity production, through autonomous renewable energy installations, which cover from photovoltaic systems to meet the needs of business, to ordinary citizens with household photovoltaic systems.

In different periods, at the moment and in the future, there are and will be new European programs to encourage investment, by subsidizing the implementation of projects or preferential prices for the purchase of energy produced.

European programs will be part of this transition, and European money will help speed up this restructuring even faster.

The key to achieving the goals, and our vocation, is to explain all the possibilities to potential investors and help them make a conscious and optimal decision.

The good Feasibility Study and the specific solution we offer, supported by cost-effective leading technology, will help to build photovoltaic systems and save energy and money, even without European money.

With the implementation of our photovoltaic systems for own consumption of the business, household photovoltaic systems, photovoltaic systems for hot water, solar parks, etc., we contribute to the green future of our planet.

The power to change the future

We believe that we have the power to change the future, and we want to give a little of that power to each of you!


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