A solar inverter or PV inverter, is a type of electrical converter which converts the variable direct current (DC) output of a photovoltaic (PV) solar

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Many of the projects we have implemented are filled with our own resources, and in companies in the holding structure, as well as together with

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Rechargeable batteries are used to store electricity produced by photovoltaic systems or stand-alone solar panels. We are able to provide all types of batteries for

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Photovoltaic panels

A PV module is an assembly of photo-voltaic cells mounted in a framework for installation. Photo-voltaic cells use sunlight as a source of energy and

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The main components of photovoltaic systems are: solar panels, inverters, construction and cables. Specialized electrical equipment is also required for the connections to the electricity transmission network. Monitoring and control systems are being installed. Batteries, etc. are used.

TOPSOLAR is a representative of the leading manufacturers in the industry, and a supplier of established brands, with guaranteed quality and indisputable image!

Given the main directions and specifics of different photovoltaic systems – household, for business, on or off grid, and solar parks, it is appropriate to apply different solutions, and different manufacturers have a focus on different areas and applications.

That is why there is no one right solution, and at any given time, according to the specific needs and tasks, the products of one manufacturer have a real advantage over another.

In the interest of our customers, we will offer and deliver exactly what you need.

Take advantage of our special offers and advantageous promotions!

Take advantage of the special packages for the implementation of photovoltaic systems under programs, and provided to sell the generated electricity at a subsidized price – respectively 5 kWp and 30 kWp. Provide the necessary power for the business system for own consumption with the packages 100 kWp, 200 kWp, 300 kWp and 500 kWp.

Achieve the best price for your solar fleet of 1MW, 2MW, 3MW, 5MW, 10 MW, and larger capacities.

For solar panels you can rely on Tier 1 classified brands, such as LONGI SOLAR, JINKOSOLAR, CANADIAN SOLAR, HANWHA Q CELL, RISEN ENERGY, as well as the great CSUN, ASTRONERGY, BLUESUN SOLAR, Suntech and others.

Regardless of price levels and differences in other characteristics, our panels are always manufactured using the latest proven MONO PERC technology.

We supply a variety of power solar panels, as well as non-standard solutions – Bifacial and flexible photovoltaic panels. We have know-how and solutions for solar parking lots, agro-photovoltaics, solar water pumps, solar systems on floating platforms and more.

We will not only provide you with the best price, but will also give quality, correct and impartial advice to our customers on the qualities and factors for choosing photovoltaic panels.

We mainly deliver directly from the manufacturers’ factories in Asia, and if necessary we use the European warehouses of our partners.

We have a constant stock, for the most common and preferred brands and models of photovoltaic panels from 375 Wp to 600 Wp, recommending to our customers the best value for money in solar panels with capacities around 450 Wp.

In 2020 alone, in Southeast Europe, TOPSOLAR and the companies in the group delivered to their customers solar panels with a total capacity of 320 MW.

We provide a full production warranty, and a 25-year warranty to achieve an efficiency of at least 80%!

Due to the dynamics in the industry and the supply, as well as the change of the indicators influencing the delivery, we submit according to your request, a specific offer with the desired delivery times, and special favorable prices.

According to the specifics of the project we are able to deliver the optimal inverters from the brands: SMA, Fronius, Kaco, HUAWEI, Goodwe and others.

Some capacities of different manufacturers, mostly from the widely used approximately 3 kW, 5kW, 10kW, 15kW, 30kW, 60kW, 100kW, 150kW and 240 kW, are kept in stock or delivered for a maximum of 48 hours.

We provide service documentation and assistance for installation and commissioning. We keep in touch with the official services and have in stock working capital when needed.

TOPSOLAR has its own construction solutions, as well as we use one from established manufacturers.

We keep in stock systems and galvanized elements, and the specific aluminum and stainless steel systems, we are able to provide up to 48 hours after the presentation of the project and the order.

We offer modular systems, as well as design and deliver for specific sites according to their specifics.

We specialize in flat roof solutions, and we supply ballast systems that do not anchor and compromise the waterproofing, and the required resistance to weathering is achieved with tensioners and without contact with the waterproofing.

In a team with the partner engineering offices in Europe, which will design your construction, we will present our offer for you free of charge, and in variants so as to best meet the specifics of the project.

We will design for you for free, and get the offer for your specific flat roof construction for free!

We have variants with changing angle, according to the seasonality and we can provide in one system 10, 25 and 45 degree inclination.

We can supply and implement sunscreen equipment, canopies and cover all areas and surfaces with photovoltaic panels, and if necessary provide construction elements to meet these requirements.

If you are an installer and need cables and consumables for project implementation, do not hesitate and contact us!

We can supply any electrical equipment for external connections and implementation of on grig and off grid systems. Despite the significant value, for some cases for which there is no alternative, we will deliver the battery you need and make you energy independent.

Given the growth of the electric car fleet, we will also supply you with the charging station you need.

The solutions of the leading manufacturers for 380V or 220V will give you the necessary freedom.

For customers, visitors and users of private and public parking lots we have mass solutions to provide the necessary needs and comfort of visitors.

All partner manufacturers and suppliers of TOPSOLAR are distinguished by an established image of leading technology companies and brands whose products have the greatest added value!

All components for photovoltaic systems and products supplied by TOPSOLAR are distinguished by indisputable and clear technical and technological qualities and advantages!

All deliveries of components for photovoltaic systems for its customers, TOPSOLAR performs in accordance with good practices, at the highest standards, and striving for their maximum satisfaction!

TOPSOLAR will deliver everything you need for your solar installation, under the best conditions and at the best and best price!

Do not hesitate – contact us!

Fill in the contact form, write us an e-mail, or just call us!