Many of the projects we have implemented are filled with our own resources, and in companies in the holding structure, as well as together with our closest partners, we are able to realize projects of all kinds and volumes.

Although the technological feasibility of implementation is assumed by the project solutions themselves, following international standards we can guarantee our work and implement it according to the principles of good and quality implementation.

Our company also owns all licenses in the structure and has all the necessary engineering staff and resources to perform and perform and perform all the works provided in the projects!

If you have become carefully acquainted with our services, you are aware that in order to reach the stage for the implementation of photovoltaicsystem and, it is necessary to dopre-investment and feasibility studies, prepared Solar Audit and Technical and Economic Analysis and commissioned design.

The installation of a photovoltaicsystem itself is not more complicated than many other construction works, but it also has its specifics.

We are able to plan and comply with the schedules, we work exactly according to the project and responsibly, safely and cleanly on the site itself, and in the logistics, storage and installation of solar panels, we comply with the requirements of the specific manufacturer to avoid microcracks, which, due to ignorance and or negligence, is a very underestimated moment in the installation of solar panels.

Itshould be eded that there are different approaches in the assignment of the implementation of photovoltaic systems.

We at Top Solar can realize your productaccording to all the basic principles:

  • – Itenering execution – including Design, delivery, installation of the photovoltaicsystem, commissioning and delivery
  • – Main contractor for a prepared project
  • – Subcontractor of different parts of the project

When we accept engineering performance, then the Solar Audit and The Economic Analysis is our responsibility, and by implementing it by all standards and assigning and controlling the design process, we actually optimize the project as profitability and efficiency and as a technological performance, from which the added value for the investor is obtained.

Naturally, all decisions are currently agreed with the investor and especially the choice and supply of components, we leave as a final decision to the investor himself.

The offer estimated value, in this case, is considered indicative and the change of solutions to the needs of the project or at the request of the investor changes the unit price for 1 kWp of installed power.

In many cases, investors initially do not appreciate how structuring their proposed price for the execution of photovoltaic systemsis , and that in addition to the components – solarpanels, inverters, monitoring, construction, cables, electrical equipment for joining the network, etc., there are also costs of transport, mechanization, management, consulting fees and supervision, salaries and labor including overheads of the site for accommodation, food, etc., insurance, security, insurance and this when no engineering performance is assigned and engineering performance, i.e. the design of all parts and the author’s supervision is also a cost to the contractor in such an approach.

Given that most investors especially of projects up to 1 MWp installed capacity miss the stage of pre-investment and feasibility studies, we recommend for such investors precisely the approach of engineering implementation of their projects.

In this case, we at Top Solar are with the investor from the beginning and until the final realization of the project, and this is the most recommended approach by us.

When we accept to be aMaster Contractor, we rely on having aready-made project, and we will implement the solutions in the project documentation, according to the instructions of the investor or project management team, allowinginvestor deliveries especially to solar panels and inverters that are pre-setand described in theproject. any deviation will affect the technological consistency, timelines and efficiency of work.

We recommend such an approach only to investors with experience in the specific industry, since the desire to minimize costs with supply management sometimes leads to negative consequences, especially when there is no project manager with experience.

It is not uncommon for “projects” that are in the idea phase, or those that have a design start and the project has not been completed, and although they have actually stopped for a long time, investors will enter into negotiations for the selection of the Chief Contractor, and in the contracts make commitments, the failure of which creates inconvenience and damage to the contractor, and on which they will suffer financial penalties and inconveniences of any nature.

The most accurate would be an examplein which we assumethat, according to the project schedule, certain components will be delivered to the site by a certain date, and for whose installation the Main Contractor has provided installation teams,and when these components are not on thesite, at this time not only the schedule of this site is confused and there is damage to the specific performance of the photovoltaic system,but also violates the prerequisites for correctlyfulfilling subsequent commitments.

Given our growth as a company with expertise and complex know-how in the field of RES and the implementation ofphotovoltaic systems, we increasingly rarely enter into projects in the roleof subcontractor, andit is necessary to supportlong-standingand strategicpartners. We recommend that such assignment, without the role of General Contractor, be performed only by investors with experience, and for capacities above a certain volume and obligatorily with a Project Management Investment Team.

There are many risks in such execution, and the most telling example in the distribution of works, such as in the case of the painter who does not prepare the wall, is, for example, in the forepation of stakes in beating systems, to make it difficult for subsequent installation by poor levelling, given that the operators of the machines are in some cases not engaged in subsequent installation.

When working on roofs and with attention to waterproofing, roof lighting, lightning protection,etc. . , it is highly inappropriate to launch teams that are not bound and coordinated by one responsibleparty!

For the installation of photovoltaic household systems, as part of the energy efficiency of households, and which are among the smallest installations, in many cases the citizens themselves decide to rent with the implementation, givenexperience in one and another part of theimplementation.

We recommend that it works only with uncompromising solutions submitted by a designer, not making savings that threaten the health and life of the citizens themselves during implementation, but also throughout the life cycle.

There are many cases , with household photovoltaic systems or photovoltaic hot water systems, relatives or colleagues to put their backs on implementation, not only not only not following the legal regulations , but also in an effort to undermine the requirements forthe safety of the installation, the same as themselvesand others.

Take a contractor with experience, and assign installation of a photovoltaic system to a company that has a resource, and last but not least can guarantee performance.

The contractor’s commitments should not end with the installation of the photovoltaic system,and except with confidence, investors must entrust the work with the requirement of the necessary guarantees of good and quality performance, to which conditionsdo not actually meet all installers.

Trust us to be one step closer to success!