About us

TOPSOLAR Bulgaria is a company created with a specific goal and mission, operating in the field of renewable energy sources, with a focus in photovoltaic parks and systems.


Considering that especially in the last two years there has been a significant reduction in the cost of technology for the production of electricity generated by the sun and the development prospects dictated by the Green Deal, we have defined our priority areas for development.

Photovoltaic household systems

Photovoltaic parks

Photovoltaic power plants for purchase of electricity at preferential prices

Photovoltaic systems for own consumption and meeting the needs of the business

Price range

The whole range of services that TOPSOLAR BULGARIA Ltd. can perform, including the implementation of photovoltaic parks is described in the Services section.

It is the full range of services that we offer, and with the ability to perform various roles in the investment process, is our preferred advantage, which is appreciated by our satisfied customers.

In a situation with such dynamics in the world market of components, and especially solar panels, with a relatively easy possibility of delivery of some goods, the market in Bulgaria is price oriented, and for the most part is subordinated only to achieve the lowest price. This does not take into account all the risks, and does not explore the other relevant and important solutions for the system to work efficiently and smoothly.

The appropriateness of the final decisions includes the studying of many initial data, and it is the Pre-investment studies that are the most underestimated part of the decision-making process.

Our Pre-Investment Studies

Our Pre-investment studies will save you time and money, and will create the conditions for achieving optimal results. Achieving the lowest price for 1 kWp in most cases is the only goal of investors who don’t take into account the reasons that would lead to the lowest price for 1 kWh of energy produced.s that would lead to the lowest price for 1 kWh of energy produced.

To achieve maximum energy efficiency, it is necessary to apply the right design solutions to the specific site, as well as all other stages of implementation such as selection of components, selection of contractor, etc.

There are no exceptions in the industry to make mistakes, and deviations are made from the principles of good and quality performance, and due to lack of knowledge and experience of investors, and due to the desire of traders and contractors to achieve maximum profit with minimum effort.

This huge risk for the investor is considered to be minimal by many incompetent and unscrupulous participants in the process – traders and installers, given that the values ​​generated by the system are always predictable and are influenced by many factors, and that even with deteriorating efficiency, the systems generally function smoothly.

Even when it is assumed that according to the specifics of the project it is possible to apply the principle of awarding EPC, we recommend especially to investors without the necessary experience to entrust project management to specialists, and through the Project Management service, not only minimize costs but also make the project more efficient and less risky.


Inspired by the Green Deal, we want to contribute to the future of our planet through environmentally and energy efficient solutions.

TOPSOLAR BULGARIA Ltd. is a natural continuation of the activity of TOPSYSTEM Ltd., which has been a leading company in the region for 15 years in the trade of components and the implementation of HVAC installations.

Only through the group TOPSYSTEM EOOD, at the moment TOPSOLAR BULGARIA OOD has its own resource of over 100 employees.

The company’s management and engineering teams are located in its own production and storage base in the city of Sofia.

Most of the employees have over 10 years of experience in the company, and part of the management team has over 20 years of experience in commercial and industrial business structures.

Energy efficiency solutions

Our solutions for energy efficiency and optimization of household costs through the implementation of photovoltaic systems for households of 3kWp, 5kWp, 10kWp, 15kWp and larger, are extremely efficient, and in addition to savings, if necessary / appropriate we are able to achieve even 100% energy independence. Photovoltaic hot water installations are also a significant part of the household photovoltaic systems division.

Considering household photovoltaic systems, we must mention the programs for the purchase of electricity at preferential prices, which are themselves an investment product, and in different price categories – for example from 5 kWp and up to 30 kWp, are mainly targeted at individuals and small business. It is the programs for the purchase of electricity preferential prices in recent years have made a significant contribution to maintaining interest in the sector.

The forecasts are that in the next five years, at the end of which the liberalization of the market for household subscribers is planned, there will be a serious growth in the implementation of household photovoltaic systems, regardless of whether with an option under a program to buy electricity at preferential prices. . Energy efficiency will become more and more relevant, and the constant and sustainable growth of electricity prices will contribute to this.

The solutions of TOPSOLAR BULGARIA Ltd. in photovoltaic systems for own consumption and meeting the needs of the business are mostly in the volume of 50 kWp, 100kWp, 150kWp, 200kWp, 300kWp, 500kWp and larger, with special added value, t .к. due to the specifics of each individual site, a personal approach and complex knowledge and expertise are required.

It is the experience of TOPSYSTEM Ltd., which since 2010 builds photovoltaic parks and photovoltaic systems, is the basis of this expertise, and allows us to offer the best solutions for photovoltaic systems for own consumption and meet the needs of business.

It is not uncommon for photovoltaic systems for self-consumption and business needs to become part of photovoltaic parks for investment purposes, based on our technical and economic analyzes.

Building over the years many different capacities of 1 MWp, 3MWp, 5 MWp and 10MWp, and participating in the investment process in various roles, we are a preferred partner of many investors in the implementation of photovoltaic parks.

Energy efficiency solutions

We are your sure path to success, and we will make the sun work for you, following the company’s motto – SOLAR ENERGY FOR SUNNY PEOPLE!

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