We represent the leading manufacturers in the industry, and we are trained to work and service their equipment. In addition to diagnostics, we will assist the official and warranty services, including those outside the country to assist as professionally and efficiently as we have agreed for our customers revolving equipment for the duration of a […]


The management of the investment project and the assets implies, in addition to commitments related to security and insurance, as well as in some cases maintenance, to manage the revenue side of the project. In this case, we will assist in concluding the most advantageous contracts for the sale of the energy generated, and at […]


We are committed to the monitoring and overall maintenance of the installations we have realized. The contact with the manufacturers in connection with their warranty conditions, fulfillment of the warranty commitments for the installation, as well as its out-of-warranty service is recommended to be assigned to the contractor. The necessary treatment of the areas against […]


Many of the projects we have implemented are filled with our own resources, and in companies in the holding structure, as well as together with our closest partners, we are able to realize projects of all kinds and volumes. Although the technological feasibility of implementation is assumed by the project solutions themselves, following international standards […]

Delivery of components

For the purposes of the implementation of photovoltaic systems, and in the preparation of the design documentation it is necessary to select and include components, equipment, elements and materials. As a serious supplier with over 15 years of external trade andopium and supportedbythe leading manufacturers in the industry, we will select foryou, and offer you […]


Over the years we have built relationships and evaluated the competence of the leading designers in the industry, including foreign bureaux, always taking into account the latest trends, and following international standards. And as part of the project management service, and we are able to give you the best technical proposal, even on a tighter […]

Project management

The management of an investment project requires complex and specific knowledge. Our participation will optimize and shorten deadlines, as well as reduce the cost of the project. Use our experience gained over the years and guarantee success with your first projects! Go through the challenges and all stages of your project, with a correct and […]

Pre-investment studies

Whether to invest in the sector, or to appreciate the merits of a particular project, is necessary to take action in advance, in the form of pre-investment studies. Together with the obligatory Legal Analysis, we will perform a Technical and Economic Analysis for you, and all other necessary sections of a feasibility study and Applicability […]

Investment consulting and market representation

1. Investment consulting and market representation : TOPSOLAR company has experience, opportunities for realization and contacts of investors of various classes, as well as represents opportunities for investments in the field of renewable energy sources. Through the consulting service, we offer assistance, and we will offer you the best projects and under the best conditions. […]